Terms and Conditions

Important things you should know before booking a Tour.


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Terms and ConditionsFrequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

Important things you should know before booking a tour.
1 This tour can be customised to be more personal and special.
2 You can always consult your driver about skipping certain spots in order to spend more time else where.

Booking And Deposit

1 After confirming with us your suitable itinerery and dates. We require a deposit wich is neccessary to reserve your tour with us.
2 At least 2 weeks before your tour starts.
3 As we require a 30 % desposit of the total price to book the tour. While the balance is payable to us upon arrival.
4 We accept Payment through PAYPAL cost 6 % fees / Bank Transfers fees depends on wich bank you use. credit cards 3,5% fees.
As we dont accept ’’ American express.’’ As we accept Cash eihter / USD , EUROS , GPB or MAD.
5 We charge only 50 % for children under 12 years old. whilst children under 5 are free of charge.

Terms Of Cancelations And Changes Of The Tour (Cancelations)

1 We accept cancelations of the tour accordding to the following conditions.
2 We should recieve a written confirmation about the cancelations sent to our email adress 4 months or more before starting your tour.
3 Cancelation made before 4 months or more 100% refundable .
4 Cancelation made before 2 months 50 %.
5 Cancelation made before 1 month or less Not refundable.

Changes And Flexibilities

Of cours we do accept changes and flexibilities of your booked tour , But that sould be made with at least 2 weeks before you start your tour with us, as terms and conditions .

Terms About Camel Trekking

Usually camel ridding is not a comfortabel activity but its a beautiful experience that evrybody likes to do once in a life time . thats why we have put some conditions about this activity.

1 As we don’t recommend it for the folllowing travellers.
2 For the people who are over 70 years old.
3 For the pregnant women.
4 For the ones who had surgery or had broken bones experience or some serious sickness. this as terms and conditions.

So for these ones that might be miss camel ridding they still have the chance to experience the night in the desert wich they can be pick up by a 4 wheel drive to get to the desert camp and using the 4 wheel drive again in the morning to bring them back from the desert camp. And that is a safe way for them with much of joy.

For the ones who are willing to take the camel ride in the desert , we tell them that the camel ride takes around 1 hour to 1hour and 30 minutes to reach the camp, as we offer you a bottle of mineral watter 1,5 litter. Each person and turbans to use on the camel ride wich is so helpfull against sunshine and sometimes sand dust , as before you pack for the camel ridding will be so helpfull if you have some shoes that are suitable for a walk in the sand dunes , ideally they should be closed so you don’t need to worry about sand getting inside them , also jeans are good choice to wear while on you are on your camel so you don’t have any pain. Brining a flash lights with you to use at the camp will be also helpfull to use in the dark . without missing the sunglasses and the suncream as they are so impartant to avoid the bright sunshine and the hot sun on your soft skin .

Things To Know Before You Go

IS The Drinking Watter Safe In Morocco ?
Usually the watter is safe in morocco but its nice to use the mineral watter from the bottles for drinking and washing your teeth or washing the fruits the rest is fine to use the watter from the tap to avoid any issues that might affect your holiday

What Will The Weather Be Like ?
Morocco is a land of contrasts , and climate follows suit , as Morocco Weather is typically sunny ,spring ,and autumn are the most popular season for travel . as you can use this website www.weather.com . to check the weather .

IS Morocco A Safe Country ?
In truth, Morocco is a safe place to visit. There’s only really small (pickpockets) and you’re unlikely to be assaulted or seriously hurt as a tourist in the country. Morocco is super safe for tourists now wich Moroccan governement did so much to make the country safe and really nice to visit especialy to attract so much tourists from all over the world .as tourism is one of the main industries in the country.

Tipping Customs In Morocco :
Actually moroccans depends on tips in the service that they give you wich is the averege gose diferent depends on the service :

1 Driver : between 30 to 50 USD per day
2 Guide : around 35 USD per day
3 Camel man : around 30 usd per day
4 Waiters and similar service 3 to 5 USD
5 The Moroccan currency is Morrocan Dirhams MAD you can use this website www.xe.com for a currency converter .

Travel Safe During COVID-19

– A note from Morocco Meta Adventures : Luxurious Private Tour
– All our tours are always throughout the history of our company Private, Luxurious and VIP Services.
– We do care about safety of our guests and ourself.
– What you can expect during your trip

1 Regular temperature checks for staff
2 Regularly sanitized high-traffic areas
3 Temperature checks for tour participants upon arrival
4  Guides required to regularly wash hands
5 Hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff
6 Transportation vehicles regularly sanitized.

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