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Morocco Meta Adventures offers amazing journeys you will remember for a lifetime.

About Us

Morocco Meta Adventures

Morocco Meta Adventures, MMA, is a highly recommended and regarded locally registered tour company, based in Marrakech, Morocco.  Two brothers, Mr. Hamid Boujouija and Mr. Youssef Boujouija, started and operate Morocco Meta Adventures.  They were born in the small Berber town of Merzouga in southeastern Morocco.

The brothers grew up in the Erg Chebbi area of the Sahara Desert where they led a nomadic life with their families travelling with camels.  This lifestyle developed their passion to educate and inform other people about their culture and little-known nomadic ways of life.  Both brothers attended the University of Meknes with Hamid earning a degree in Geography and Tourism  in Morocco and Youssef earning a degree in English Literature and Tourism in Morocco .  There they learned about Moroccan Geography, History, Culture and Hospitality.  Hamid and Youseff have now been cultural tour guides for more than 20 years focusing on sustainable tourism in Morocco. The love the brothers have for their country is the reason they started MMA, as they wanted to become ambassadors for Morocco by sharing Moroccan culture with visitors of Morocco.

Morocco Meta Adventures design unforgettable tours and activities of any duration.  MMA wants to show you the authentic Morocco, as there is a wealth of things to do and see in our incredible country.  To get the most out of your visit, tell us your interests, where you’d like to visit and what you’d like to see.  MMA will then develop a tour tailored to suit you and your budget.

MMA has a strong team of local drivers and guides who are fluent in English and French as well as Spanish. They are knowledgeable about our country and will look after you with the highest degree of care and professionalism.  Our drivers will greet you at any airport, railway station or hotel anywhere in Morocco.  You will tour in a luxury comfortable air-conditioned 4-wheel drive vehicle, mini-van or mini-bus.

We cater for singles, couples, families, or small groups.  Morocco Meta Adventures offers you a once in a lifetime amazing journey that you should not miss. Our words for you are ‘Welcome to Morocco’.


Mr. Youssef Boujouija ~ Manager


Mr. Noureddine (Nour) ~ Driver


Mr. Yassin ~ Local Guide in Marrakech

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